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Beeldcultuur / Visual Design
The VIVID project (Value Increase by Visual Design) aims to create a cross-border visual design network of knowledge centres, universities, institutions, companies and governments by jointly developing and introducing innovative solutions/methods in the field of research, education, entrepreneurship, commercialization and showcasing. Cultuurwinkel Breda participates in the VIVID project in the realization of the youth project.

In Breda we have been focusing on developing a program in continuous learning on visual design and the ‘visual literacy’ of youth (4 - 18 years old). At this point we are running 4 pilots to implement this program in schools. With VIVID project the international partners - Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge, UK), Solent University (Southampton, UK), Rencontres Audiovisuelles (Lille, FR) and Breda - agreed upon working closely together to exchange knowledge, educational projects and formats/best practices on visual design and develop a joint product. Cultuurwinkel Breda will participate in collaboration with other business partners and the field of education in Breda, such as Huis voor Beeldcultuur, Avans University of Applied Sciences and NHTV Breda.


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